Perhaps the biggest bonus of the Simple Life are the genuine people on Our Little Slice.  No tanning salons, no teeth whitening, no clipping and dipping, no aesthetic enhancements, or embellishments at all outside of a few sun faded tattoos. The only common accoutrements the sheen of sweat on brow and dirt beneath nails.  Hard working folk that don’t have time, need, or patience with self absorption.  Linda and I are fitting right in. And they are amazed that we work like they do and still have the energy for our daily runs.  Yep, we’ve finally put the round peg in the round hole.


Our neighbor Carl shares his bountiful garden with all.  Delicious Winesap Apples, beautiful tomatoes, and gorgeous turnips fill our tub.  At 84 he is the elder statesman, local historian, and inspiration for hard work.  He tends 10 acres all by himself, never misses a day, and makes us all look like slackers.  We should all look so Real at his age.   He’s also a dead eye with his rifle, taking out a rogue and manged fox from 50 yards on Monday.

Congratulations to the winners of last weekend’s Pike’s Peak Marathon, the USA Trail Marathon National Championships.    Alex Nichols (28) of Colorado Springs took the men’s title in 3:43:38 and Stevie Kremer (29) of Crested Butte the women’s in 4:17:13.

Today’s art offering:  The 1985 Houston Marathon winners autographed this poster, I’ll feature many more Houston pieces in the upcoming weeks.  Winners were Marty Froelich (2:11:13) and Sylvia Ruegger. Sylvia ran 2:28:36 that day and that mark still stands as the Canadian Women’s marathon record.  Pic a little blurry,  too much coffee.