Our mate Matt Olberding is racing Grandma’s Marathon this weekend.

Quiz:  If you hear someone saying they are running Grandmothers would it make you flinch.  Does me.

The Heartland Half Marathon is put on by Tom Whitaker and the Omaha Running Club.  It has been named the RRCA Midwest Region Half Marathon Championships.

The HITS Marathon is hosting the Nebraska Association USATF Championships.

The Nebraska Marathon is put on by Joe Sutter.  Not a designated champs but should be competitive none the less.

Three marathons in Omaha this fall.  Dizzy, my head is spinning.


Linda, Jackson, & Sam Runde, moi.  Our Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. youth division.  Sam now nearly as tall as his coach, and ever so much faster.  Jackson likely to catch Coach Linda before the end of this year in height, his speed also surpassing.  We’ve been working on Jackson’s start, shaving seconds off with slight adjustments.  Sam, all business.  He knows the competition and can’t wait to get some.  I put a little bug in his ear about a fella the same age from Gretna, a race I’d like to see before the end of this season.  Both the lads will be lining up at Burke this weekend.  No hashtag rockstar hashtag strike  a pose hashtag squat.  Just racing with talent and humility.

I’m old enough to be their grandpa.