For the inspiration.  For the motivation.  For the friendships.  For reading.

This past year has been the best.  You get to be my age and every year better be the best.  Please join as I recount a few of the highlights that kept my spirits balmed, buoyed, and bouncy.

1) Linda.  This dear woman, so full of life and love.  Turned my life completely around.  Healed twenty years of neglect and abuse with nothing more than hugs and kisses. I’m a new and better man all the way around.

2) Miles, Allison, Katie.  Miles now in Colorado, Alli in Oregon, and Katie finishing up at Millard West.  My kids no longer children.

3) Bill Lindgren.  If I’m happy to still be kicking at 57, I’m thrilled dad, at 83,  is still hunting and fishing and wrangling down in Oklahoma.

4) Jedediah.  This dog, so full of devotion and protection.  Has allowed me to sleep peacefully at night, I’ve never felt safer.  Well, him and my expanding collection of firearms.

5) Bar None.  This garden, so full of produce, self sustenance by my own hand.  

6) Nebraska Run Guru Elite.  This team, so full of promise and potential.  The athletes that came together.  Shared fuel, shared fire, shared desire.  Real People whose only agenda is to reach their potential.  Kyle’s friendship and leadership my ticket to a more relaxed and enjoyable experience this time.  Priceless.

7)  Free Speech.

8)  An entire year with no grievances or complaints filed.   See #7.

9) Volunteerism.  Still serving our USA athletes at the highest levels.  See #7.

10) Right makes Might.  See #7.