Embracing a subject with seriousness, authority, and sobriety.  Your family?  Your job?  Your passions?  Your religion?   Hope is that we all find something in life that rises above the mundane, that so fully captures our spirit and soul, energizes us, in it for the Long Haul.

Why did running happen to be so deep with me?  I trace it back to a single moment.  Central Illinois, 45 years ago.  I spent all my time outside.  Mostly in the woods, friendly and cool, exploring new trails, entire days on foot.  The moment I happened upon a previously undiscovered fence line.  Stretching along a lane, reaching towards forever.  It came upon me out of nowhere, the desire to run this undulating line around the fields and through the  woods.  I sped off and was changed.

That was and is my moment.  Maybe yours will be fishing or cooking or working or any other thing in the world.  I hope you feel it deeply.  Enough to Stand with Principle.

Yes, Running is different for me than it is for you.  I’ve made a life out of it.  It Is My Life.  I’ve got All The Time In The World  for it.  Over 30 years behind me and another 30 ahead of me.  I’ve seen entire casts of characters, yes even generations,  come and go in this sport.  And somehow, some way, I still Run My Qwn Race, believing more and more that this is and always has been My Purpose.  No matter where I live, no matter the challenges or victories or defeats, no matter.