Love it!  Turkey gravy with giblets, nothing like a good reduction of entrails to liven up the holiday table!  Cream gravy over chicken fried steak, or mashed potatoes, or hashbrowns or sufferin succotash.  Au jus, the lighter side .  Rich brown demi glasse, deep and elegant.  Aspic, concentrated, free standing, savory beef stock jelly, gourmand’s gelatinous delight.

I’m dipping my ladle into the tureen of excellence this post Turkey Trot Day.

Joe Moore of the Kansas City Smoke set a state record 14:16 at the MHK Turkey Trot.  Jason Thomas won the Des Moines Turkey Trot in a stout 14:37.  I’ve got to throw in Grant’s 14:38 from last month’s Omaha Race for the Cure.

Cream of the Midwest crop.  I’d love to see a match race between a few obvious principles.  Each club puts $250 into the pot with lion’s share to winner, only 3 deep.  Limit  the field to 10 fellas.  Sell a few tickets to watch.  Maybe get it sponsored by Horseman’s Park.  Two Rivers State Park, that perfect 1.5 mile oval of ashphalt, I’ll go mark it every quarter for excellent pacing, have clocks every mile and another in the back of the lead vehicle.  Feature race before the main Open event, everyone in that field inspired by greatness witnessed, 99% set personal bests.  Modeling excellence  to inspire the masses.  Or, Stimulating the Running Community to  a More Competitive Culture.