Running and Racing!  That’s what we are all here for right?  We train, train, train up for the opportunity to be completely honest with ourselves.  To Race!  To measure against ourselves and those we consider competitors.  To acquit our efforts with relative pride and distinction.

That is on my mind as I’ve regained my competitive spirit.  Linda and I have been running every other day for almost 3 months now.  Running!  We threw ourselves in a Mile.   Racing!   But I knew my 6:33 was too good  to be true.  Honestly.   Would I have loved to crow it legit?  Sure thing but I knew deep down it was short.  We’ve been including one workout per week in our efforts. Nothing full speed yet.  Just half fast.

Doesn’t diminish my effort though.  It was still a race.  And I  gave it my all.  Every ingredient of the recipe satisfied except the distance, harder pill because the mistake was my own.   I wear big boy pants and owned up to the shortage.  Even my own USATF Certified course can be wrong.   No way every  person in the race had such a significant personal record.    Some will claim it, some  will blame it.  One will remeasure it.

I’m heading to the track this morning to get a Real Result.   I’ll do it again and again over the next couple weeks.  Repeatability and consistency equaling honesty.   I’ll keep you posted.  Half assed or Half Fast.