A lot of great stuff going to happen in the next 48 hours, just up Dodge, youngsters defining years and memories with athletic performance.  That’s what its all about at the state meet.  Best weekend of the year for pre-collegiate T&F.

I’m subdued however.  Saddened and shocked and just a little frightened.  I guess it can happen anywhere, anytime, anyplace.  That’s why it is so important to live every single day with gusto, by your rules, celebrating each breath, each stride, each friend and smile and twinkle and especially family.

We think of our little slice as a sanctuary.  I like to say we may as well be 100 miles from Omaha.  Slower pace, no street lights, very little traffic, paved roads being the luxury we most appreciate.  We run these roads.  Alone and with friends.  With Jed.  Linda and I getting to know our Twin Rivers Homestead family on daily runs.  Peace and quiet.

That peace was shattered last night.  Don Fitzwater, 87 years old, astride his John Deere mower, something done thousands of times.  For reasons known only to the Big Guy (Good Mother), a lady driving a large SUV appeared on Don’s stretch of road, just an 1/8 of a mile long.   Another saying we have out here is if you don’t have business out here you likely have no business out here.  She had no business.  Preliminary reports indicate alcohol and/or drugs involved.  She didn’t see Don on his mower.  And we lost him.

I’ve lowered my flag to remember.  How tenuous life can be.  How fortunate, how blessed we are to share another day with each other.