You’re all runners.  You’ve all been There.  That place inside.  Where you answer to no man but yourself.  But do you have the courage to hear the question, let alone offer reply?

I’ve encouraged our Nebraska Run Guru Elite athletes to question the program I am foisting on them.  And have had some good ones.  So far I’ve only had to use a single reply.  “I’m training your minds.”

If you are at the level where you read this column you’re already committed enough to have run thousands and thousands of miles on your journey of discovery.  You should have a pretty good general idea on things.

What I teach is as much about what paces not to run juxtaposed to paces you are supposed to run.  Make sense?

But you have to be willing to demonstrate current fitness and accept the result for fact.  That is where most are lost in the program.  “But my 5K pr is XX:SS so I should be able to do blah blah blah.”   Or, ‘My goal for the marathon is xx:mm:ss so I should be doing them at this speed.”

Its early.  Don’t get in a rush.  Fitness is developed through time and effort, not wishes.  Keep committed.  Do the work.  Enjoy the rewards!


This rogue band of turkeys has been terrorizing my chickens and snarfing their feed.


Out at daybreak this morning, repairing fence line, this Tom took exception and came at me hard.  Unholstered my .45, took aim as he charged me, and put a single shot through the head (Dead Eye Dick).  Self defense, a man has a right to protect his property and life.


And it looks like its turkey for Super Bowl Sunday!  I get the drumsticks! 10270726_928347753851598_7064979633559146495_n

Our chickens remain quite pampered, nothing to good for those giving me daily sustenance.