Here’s the link to the track and field schedule for London.  Looks like Friday, August 3rd will kick things off.  In 1984 the Bayshore Sun in LaPorte, TX contracted me to write a series of Los Angeles Olympic Medal predictions and follow up articles.  I think I’ll do the same this year, should be fun to see how they go.


Tip of the sombrero to Keith Long of the Kansas City Smoke.   The 55 year old wunderkind set a new State Record last Saturday running 34:38 at the Wichita 10K.  I know he is glad that race was USATF Certified!

Pedestrianism.  The art of walking.  While I’m not running at all I am getting in a morning walk around the dojo’s west loop.  Enjoying the leisurely stroll but can’t wait to get my giddyup on again.

My dear sweet Alli is in New Orleans this week for a church function, busy girl her.  Just me and dear sweet Katie in this big old house, and she with a full babysitting/social calendar.  Empty nest creeping ever more near and I don’t care for its shadow at all.  Hug your kids today.  Maybe I’ll go after that Wal Mart greeter position after all….