I’m amped about Running and Racing in 2018.   This past weekend’s Full Wolf Moon kicked off  proper for local and regional competitions.  New introductions, sunny side up.  Sixty runners touring the completely closed road course.  Clean as a whistle, not a single car or curb or sidewalk or turns to break your concentration or stride.  Nothing but wide open racing.  This is my standard in Road Racing.  I’m hoping it will become yours too.  #FiveLakesMarathon

What are the advantages of Running and Racing on such a course?  The opportunity to run to your potential.  To get an honest assessment of your current fitness.  To engage in friendly competition, pulling you to meaningful performances that you can be proud of.  #FiveLakesMarathon

This is USATF.  This is how our Nebraska Association Road Races need be conducted.  This is the protocol and management style recognized across the United States.  Benefitting every participant regardless of place of finish.  We are spreading that message, still.  The smiling faces and glowing reviews indicating words and deeds well received.  #FiveLakesMarathon

USATF Certified and Sanctioned is important to Elizabeth Starbuck.  And 17:54 matters to our LDR Program.   Her 2018 debut is the fastest Road 5K by a Nebraska female since LRC Racing’s Hayley Sutter ran 17:45 in 2015.   Fast and temporary bar, Elizabeth is  just getting started.  This is a part, and personal favorite part, of USATF!

Elizabeth battling Zack Jones (2nd o/a, 17:51) of Club 402 down the final stretch.

I’m always the biggest fan for those willing to toe the start line, no matter where you finish.   Hear Me Roar!  #FiveLakesMarathon