It will be a little creakier this time, I’m sure.  More aches and new pains.  Fewer ice baths, more Epsom Salt soaks.  Back to napping.  Glucosamine Chondroiton with the morning coffee.  Advil as needed.

I’m going public and declaring I’m training up for the Lincoln Half.  While training a handful of my mates.  I’ll be putting myself through the same workouts, as I have always done.  McLatchie/Killer Coach hybrid number I don’t even remember now.

It will be interesting as Kyle will be joining the program after a brief post Rocky Raccoon hiatus.   Pete is training up for Brew to Brew first and will hop in afterwards.  That’s what I like about our runners, enjoying their specificity and still ready to take a couple of bulls by their horns.


Kyle’s toes likely have seen better days.  This is what it looks like to train for a 100 Mile Trail National Championships.

20140122_115359These hang in the house.  The horn on the right is Team Nebraska, the one on the left is Lincoln Running Co. Racing.  I’m throwing NRGE right smack in the middle.