Today I thank you.  The readers.  Readership is at an all time high.  If you check the right hand column, run guru says has been running since March 2011.  I also posted over 3000 columns from ’01-11 under the team Nebraska dot com banner, those, for better and worse, vanished during transition.  Close to 6000 total columns and as you know, I’m not done yet.

Finishing 2018 with 620 miles.  Happy for each step.  Miles built on patience and acceptance, bolstered by hope and challenge.  Looking forward to a consistent and healthy 2019 and doing some racing.  Look out all you 60+, coming to get you!

In the past I’ve given out a series of Year End Awards.  Acknowledging superlatives.  Recognizing excellence.  This year it is an easy give.  You.  The readers.

Each New Year should be filled with promise.  2019 will be the same.  The promise of service to the running community.  Through words.  And deeds.  All the while maintaining a guiding set of principles.  The firm belief that each of us, regardless of talent or kit, rich or poor, east or west, north or south, can benefit from the credo that has graced the top of this blog for going on 19 years now.  “Stimulating the Running Community to  a More Competitive Culture.”

Thank you for sticking with me.  Here’s To You!