I’m proud and happy to announce the addition of Jimmie Doherty to Nebraska Run Guru Elite.  There are a lot of reasons he is a Right Fit for NRGE.  Potential and talent are right up there but it is his character and small town sensibilities that have made Jimmie one of my favorite athletes.  The fact that he placed Loyalty above the haughty trappings of the Red & White means the world to me.

Welcome Home Jimmie!

Congratulations to Lindsey and E.J. Brezenski on the birth of their beautiful daughter Elynn Marie!

Jeremy Morris continues to dominate the local ultra scene.  He won the Lake Perry 50K on May 10th in 4:16:18 besting second place by over 45 minutes.

Rogue Cock.  I had to put the 12 gauge to Fuzzy.  A proud rooster that served his flock well but ultimately decided the rougher the mating the better.  Was he that took my Buff Orpington during copulation, confirmed as he attempted to repeat on another.  Adios El Gallo!  Life on the farm.

The Race, continued.  And first with the corrections:  Thanks to Craig Christians for pointing out that young Mr. Hirsch is fifteen and not thirteen.  His time of 25:33 the only Real Number that counts.  I also miscounted the Team Nebraska representation,  Matt Heesch (2nd, 27:20) and Cory Logsdon (3rd, 27:29) and Bob Miyake (11th, 30:18) were joined by Ryan Dibben (91st, 37:19) and Shawna Young (43:16).

The Good Stuff:  Jessica Pape, as mentioned yesterday, took it out hard from the gun.  Led almost the entire race.  Linda serving as women’s lead bike enjoying her company.  After taking Seth through the finish line I hopped back in to pick up Michel as she chased her mate over the last mile.  I urged and cajoled and implored Michel to do this.  I would have done the Exact Same thing if it had been Jessica chasing Michel.  Get it?  Michel finally caught Jessica with only 200 meters remaining.  32:16 and 32:25, this girl has a closing speed that simply amazes me.

As the two congratulated each other at the finish I jumped in and hugged them both.  Loudly and proudly proclaimed “THIS IS WHY YOU RUN FOR ME!!!!!!”  I punctuated the comment with a “Hell Yes”.  That was the only curse word I used out loud all morning, I’m getting better all the time.



Right before the gun.  Michel and Jessica get a final laugh from Linda and me.  At the gun the smiles were ditched for All Business.  How much fun is this group?  How fast is this group?  How lucky am I?  Peace.  Love.  Run.  NRGE!