Houston 83


Some of the more superlative performances from 2016 Houston:  Twenty two American men and fourteen American women hit the Olympic Trials standards, < 1:05, <1:15.

In 2004 I was Assistant Operations Director to Dave MGillivary, working on the USA Women’s Olympic  Trials Marathon in St. Louis.  I had the pleasure of working with many  of  the  top ladies of the day.  Our team that year was Deena Kastor, Jen Rhines, and Colleen DeReuck.  We were so proud that Deena would bring home an Olympic medal.  Twelve years ago already.

So?  So this!  Jen Rhines, now 41, qualified again at Houston running 1:14:57.  Colleen DeReuck, now 51, ran 1:17:25.  And one of my personal favorites from 2004, Dot McMahan, now 39, running 1:14:09 for her qualifier.  And  44 year old Perry Shoemaker ran 1:17:11.

I challenge the young and talented women of Nebraska!  Pick a half marathon this year.  Train up!  Run sub 1:20!  I know you are out there!  Do this!