Two days into Killer Coach’s marathon training program and my legs are dead, Dead, DEAD.  Still have tough days tomorrow and Wednesday before things settle down for the week, bring it on baby!

15 miles yesterday, 10 X Serpent Ridge today, long tomorrow and 5 miles worth of quarters on Wednesday, anyone care to join me?

Meghan Zavorka continues to blossom under Killer.  Ran a couple of indoor races at MSU Saturday night including a 5:07 mile (5th place) followed by her 5K in 18:19 (2nd overall).    Giddyup young lady!

Can’t say enough about how much I appreciate our Studs (Adams, Thor, Schneider, Pohren, Kern) showing up Saturday morning.  To say that some of the other mates were more than a little star struck would be an understatement.  Excellence trickling down, the results will be seen soon enough (or Lincoln whichever comes first).

Matt Pohren works the replay video at all Creighton home games.  You may have seen him at the scorer’s table, he’s the nattily dressed fly guy in the Stacy Adams.

Overheard during yesterday’s broadcast of the meet on ESPN2, Bernard Lagat doing a 10 mile training run in 51:00.  Let me throw a singlet on that cat!

Thanks to Ben Shultz for getting our TeamNebraska Running facebook page set up!  Please friend us so you can keep up with us and have a resource for comments of your own.  http://www.facebook.com/teamnebraskarunning

And thanks to Jordan Tucker for the new Video Page right here.  He has also tinkered with our photos page to great effect.

Training logs up next!