Free speech.  Free thought.  Free exchange of ideas.

To write.  To incite.  To delight.

My dear sweet Linda.  My children.  My dad.

Running.  Racing.  Stirring the pot.  Shaking the tree.  Pointing my finger.

Describing what is Real and what is most decidedly Not.  Giving you another perspective.

Expanding your horizons.  And mine.

Cooking.  Gardening.  Good food.  Good beer.  Good wine.  Good tequila.

Friends.  Old and New.


These are the things that make up Will Lindgren, your Run Guru.  Most of you have been following my musings for some time and get me, even if you don’t always agree.

Or you don’t get me but still choose to waste your time on something you’ll never understand.  You know who you are.  I’ll have plenty of liberty to say more about you moving forward……

And I’ll recount my world travels, Tell tales of world class athletes.

Stick pins into deserving egos.   Parody, lampoon, mock, taunt, jab, job and jive my way through things as I see them.  Oh what Fun we’ll have.

But for now, Welcome!  Bienvenidos!  Welkommen!  Ahlan wa sahlan! Bienvenue!  Aloha!

Thanks for bookmarking this page and checking in at your own leisure/pleasure.  You’ll find more of my inspirational if unapologetic prose appearing daily.



Doing things my own way since 1957.  Seen here circa 2002 contemplating the state of affairs in my meditation lodge.