Most of the roof on the potting shed now, still plenty  to do though.  Sight a line and saw fence posts to Linda’s exacting esthetic, install two 8′ gates, that’ll all be done shortly.  108 peppers, 45 eggplant, 96 tomatoes pulled and in the compost pile.  Pulling or covering what we should ‘ere this weekend’s first hard freeze.

Finding the time and energy to  run semi regularly.  Sunday South of Yutan, sun rising over both Elkhorn and Platte, four biggest hills in the world.  Winged ankles.  Anxious feet.  Thirty five days  to  sixty years old.  Still bleating, still competing.


Dani on the left,  Billy on the  right.  The  two newest additions at the  Bar None.  Linda has wanted Dwarf Nigerians for  the last couple years and  the opportunity for a quality rescue was  just too hard to pass up.


Nuts to you!  Driving back from Oklahoma last week I noticed George Washington Carver was born in Minneapolis, KS.  I  grew these in a trial bed this summer, five plants produced over 500 of the protein packed legumes.  Roasted and ready for peanut butter.  Totally chemical free and organic, just like my running.