Epiphanous run yesterday.  It was only two miles.  Just in the nick of time,  best run of the year.  Not the furthest, and no galloping.   Two miles, non stop, pain free.  Not more.

Every muscle involved.  Especially the one between my ears.  First steps all over again.  Learning foot plant and carriage and stride length and turnover and heart rate and and respiration and center of balance.   Completely absorbed with monitoring the systems, Time and Distance.

Apropos of nothing.  What happened next is why I’m writing about it today.  All the system checks, the corrections and adjustments, all the monitors, the ticks, the tocks, replaced by sky and land.  Rushing wind.  Astringent cold.  Great cloud of incoming waterfowl.  Single leaf hanging on the flowering pear.  Billy’s dog in the yard.  The Stella’s headed to an  early lunch.

Transcended to the sublime.  I was running like  a child.  Special Gift.  Unfettered.  Alive.  A Babe.