They say you can’t know a man until you walk a mile in his shoes.  I’ll add to that.  You can’t really know a man until you’ve been similarly clothed.

I’ve finally decided to pull the trigger.  A story now ready to be told.

Thirty five plus years in our sport.   This Running Life depicted, square by square, a patchwork effort consolidating and displaying my personal history.

I’ve done multiple go throughs.  Carefully selecting those dearest, each recalling a chapter or a race.  Have culled it down to 50.  The only important ones missing, 1992 Chicago Marathon, 1995 Run For The Arts 10 Mile and the ’07 & ’08 Omaha Mile.  Lost to antiquity.

I’d honestly forgotten how many marathons I  ran.  Finished 2nd overall at the 1986 Galveston, one of my 7 attempts there.  Six Houston Marathons.  Boston.  The 1983 Houston and Freedom Marathon (Monticello, IL) reminding I’ve been running marathons longer than most of my readers have trod the Good Mother.    Olympic Torch  Run, Lamar Intramural Champions (2.5  Miles in 12:39).  These and the rest being submitted to our neighbor Becky, seamstress par exemplar, who will craft a quilt that details my travels across the U.S. and the world.  My Life, In Stitches.