The  biggest of tips to all y’all!  Where would any of us be without you?

My first Women’s Long Distance Running Executive Committee meeting at Freihofer’s Run For Women 5K.  Our USA 1996 National  Championships in Albany, NY.  Traveling with WLDR Chair Carol McLatchie.  The Red Carpet rolled out at the Albany International Airport.

I sat at the table.  Kept my mouth uncharacteristically closed.  Somewhat star struck by those on either side and across from me.  Carol McClatchie (32:41, 2:35:09, 2018 National Cross country Coach of the Year- Summit OR).  Nina Kuscik, Boston Marathon’s First Woman’s Champ (3:10:26, 1972) and NYC Marathon’s too (3:08:41 in 1972, 2:57:07 in 1973).  Joy Smith, Women’s National Champs Chair, multiple US International teams as athlete and coach. Kathy Nary- Chair, International Women’s Competitions,  Marja Baker, Boston Marathon Exec.  The Executive Committee would change over the years with Elizabeth Phillips (CEMNY, event management NYC) and Virginia Brophy-Achman (Race Director, Twin Cities Marathon) taking their turns at the helm.  LeeAnn Meyer, Micky Piscatelli, Colleen DeReuck (multiple time Olympian), Deena Kastor (!), Camille Herron (Ultra Runner extraordinaire) , and Kim Keenan-Kirkpatrcik (current WLDR Chair) having input guiding America’s  best female athletes.  And my dear, sweet Linda having a seat at that table from 2008-2018, so happy that she got that experience.

I thank all of these Strong Women that influenced me over the last 20 years.  I’ve learned from all of you.