59!  The more trips around  the sun I make the more grateful for each sunrise and each sunset.

In a twist I’m giving you Birthday Wishes.  In order of importance in life.  As I see it.

I wish you a Loving family.  May your parents live long and healthy.  May your partner be equal in love.  May your children bring you joy.

I wish you Friends.  Real friends, loyal friends, those that you have absolutely nothing to offer other than return of the same.

I wish you Health.  Longevity in our sport at the very top, pain free locomotion next, fluidity and grace if you are lucky.

I wish you Self Satisfaction.  May you love your work.  May you be self actualized.  May you be comfortable in your own skin

I wish you Respect.  May those around you recognize your contributions and offer support.

I wish you Spirituality.  Wherever you may find it.  In the earth and sky, in the winds and the rain, the trees and animals,  the sun and the stars.  Its Everywhere.

I wish you Patience.  And Empathy.  And Sympathy.  Three of the most important aspects of humanity.

I wish you Kindness.  It is better to give than to receive.

I wish you Joy.  Bliss.  It comes from within

I wish you Another trip around the sun.