Do what you want to do.  I  can’t tell you who to sock it to!

But what I can do is offer you the chance to do your thing.

Our 2016 Winter Fitness Series is my thing, its what I want to do.  Check our banner up top for dates/distances.

Spent the last two days measuring and doing requisite paperwork.  We are proud to offer for the very first time in the Omaha Metro area, a USATF Certified series as part of your winter training.  We feel it important to offer legitimate distances.  Period.

It took 3 plus hours laying the courses out on Sunday.  Another 5 hours doing the paperwork and map drawing Monday.  Eight hours, that isn’t too much to ask.  If you are interested in offering a quality product.  I’m not saying events that choose to use a non certified course indicates apathy or taking advantage of participants but I am saying that if a director chooses to certify his courses he is going the extra mile for you.  I’ve heard a lot of reasons for not certifying, laziness being at the top of the list.  Real Times are worth the effort.

Interesting reading last week that less than 25% of all race directors nationally do it on a volunteer basis.  The bar has been raised.   Constantly working to improve your event, certification being just the tip of the iceberg, always finding better ways to accommodate the paying customers, even if its just a couple of bucks.  For us, well be offering hot chocolate, home baked goodies, and official times that actually mean something outside of Waterloo.


Will Lindgren’s  Festival  of Races.  1 Mile, 5K, 8K, 5 Mile, 10K.  USATF Certified courses for $5.  Keep fit, have fun, and Giddyup!