Good soaking rain, perfect day for runners and ducks.  Also a good day to can jelly and jam.

The Jam I’m writing about today was at Sumtur Amphitheater.  What a long, strange trip its been.  Impossible for Linda and I to get out on a Friday night.  And almost any other night, excepting the odd Tuesday.  We spent a Tuesday in June planting 60 trees at Terrapin Acres in Wahoo.  Expected nothing in return, got two tickets to see Twiddle and Railroad Earth last night.  Some get down blue grass jam grass with mandolin and violin and old hippies and young hippies and hippies with baby hippies.  Family.

Every one seemed to know everyone  else.  Hugs everywhere.  Festival  atmosphere.  Girls wearing butterfly wings.  Flowers in their hair.  Haight-Ashbury in Papillion on a Tuesday night.  Sumtur the ideal  location to sit and dance and commune.

Our host the most popular of all.  Musician, roadie, hippie, tales of Muddy Waters (his step dad), Bob Marley, and other legends rolling easily from his cache of  memories.  Its been a long time since I’ve dug that vibe.  But it was palpable and I enjoyed being tossed back 40 years.  One beer with BBQ in Gretna before the show, nothing else the rest of the night, the only difference over 4 decades.


These cats are a throwback to the Grateful Dead, mixed with Allison Kraus.  Loved the show even if it meant staying up late.