The message is slowly and surely spreading.  Thank you.  

If my words sometimes read a little harsh, it is only occasionally the intent.  This blog offering invites all manner of interpretation.  And today a question.  Would you listen to a run guru says podcast?  So many tonal inflections, subject to the interpretation of the reader’s own experience and perspective. Just a thought for now…

This Wednesday we celebrate the Joy of Pain.  And those that embrace it, encourage it, demand it.  As their personal litmus test.  Defining themselves as Real Runners.  

Are you a Real Runner if you don’t dip into that well?  Sure you are!  If you have never dropped your bucket deep you are still in it for your own personal, and valid, reasons.  We all  share the joy.  But if you omit the suffering you are missing out on some of the best of what running offers.

Volition.  The faculty or power to use one’s own will.  Running the one arena of life where no one but you can control your discomfort, your suffering, your pain.  It matters not how fast or slow,  how old or young, how thin or heavy, how raw or experienced.  Running offers us a transformative opportunity.  

The Joy of  Pain.