Lifetime runner?  Well maybe.  Have been giving it my best effort to transition from former marathoner to miler.  Hoping the decreased mileage and softer surfaces of the track would sustain.  But damn, my left knee is sure clicking and griping.  Will look at some resolution once we get settled out in Wahoo.  Until then, its back to the old reliable, Pedestrianism.   Walking, precursor to running, returning to my roots.

Things are a little different at 4 MPH.  You tend to see a lot more, and if you’re blessed with attention deficit like me, all the more so.  Whether running or walking  I’ve always had a penchant for noticing trinkets, often bending over to inspect and perhaps collect.  Returning home with bulging pockets on a good day.

Beauty is where you find it.  Vogue.

Linda and I have trod hundreds of miles over the country roads of Southeastern Saunders County.  County Rd. 5, “K”, “J”, and a dozen minimum maintenance roads.  My eyes keen on unusual shapes and sizes.  Preferring the heft of metal, ancient remnants of farm equipment.  Also allowing various size and shaped stones to make their way onto my pallete.

Junk Miles?  Its all Art to me.