Below is Colin Morrissey’s 2017 LDR Report.  Submitted at this past Sunday’s USATF Nebraska Association meeting.  From the official minutes.  Looks like some interesting discussion points.  Glad to see the LDR Scholarship reported on.  Sorry to have missed two (NRGE and combining clubs) of the topics as I might have had a contribution.  Without  further adieu:

Nebraska LDR 2017 Annual Report

– Championships and results (word document)
-Discussion on prize $
– Scholarship winners ($1000 total, so in this case $500, $250, and $250)   -Millard South’s Taylor Somers (State Champ 1600 – 5:02.21 & 3200- 10:52.16)   -Westside’s Milo Greder (State Champ1600- 4:09.6*, 2nd 3200- 9:20.69) and Millard West’s Seth Hirsch (State Champ 3200-8:57.20*,  2nd 1600- 4:14.10).   * State  Record
– Letter from Logan LRC (e-mail)
– Team Nebraska perspective
– Discussion on combining clubs
– XC Championship,  lack of interest / registration
– what can we do?
-will we have a prepared course, timing system, painted course ect.
– volunteers?
– advertising supplies
– Concerns with number of people whom attend National Annual meeting (e-mail)
– Championships going forward
– Lincoln Marathon
– Cornfield Cornfield 10K
– Columbus Downtown Runaround 5 mile
– Arrows to Aerospace Road Mile
– G.O.A.T.Z Trail Run 50K
– Good Life Halfsy
– Nebraska USATF XC Championship
– Questions for me?