One of my favorite words.  The relative relationship of two or more objects or ideas.  Reality depends on your perspective of things.  Give two people the same stimulus and each will react according to how their own opinions and experiences have shaped expectations and outcomes.

I introduced my own special brand of Running and Racing to Omaha in 2001.  Trying to reawaken  a community that had lay dormant for far too long- in the opinion of this then recently transplanted Texan.

I began mingling with the locals,dispensing my credo with a Southern drawl that raised eyebrows.  My cock sure swagger most likely didn’t advance my cause with some of the fellas either.

But there was a hunger, a need I had identified before even moving to Nebraska.  And I sat about meeting that need.  Advocating for talented, serious athletes.  Taking up their cause, championing their efforts, promoting their work, celebrating their successes.

And I pissed off the Omaha Run Club Board of Directors.  Summer 2001, I requested an audience in Tom Whitaker’s basement (he’s got a picture of himself with the Pope for goodness sakes!), introduced myself, my plans, and my dreams.  Told those gathered exactly how things were in My Opinion.

And I pissed off the Omaha World Herald.  I railed at their lack of coverage of running, found it unbelievable.  John Fey was doing everything he could as the beat writer and I now would have been more pointed with my criticisms.  John was made an honorary member of Team Nebraska back in 2006 or so.

And I pissed off some of the freshman class of Team Nebraska.  Those local runners that I actively recruited were to be my biggest learning opportunity.  More about those rascals to look forward to.

How to support an elite, professional mindset in a social, non-competitive milieu.  As I exit my chapter in Team Nebraska lore that is still a work in progress.  Better taken up by those with less piss and vinegar, more smiles and whiles,  You’ll see a big difference in leadership styles moving forward.  Less passion, more business.  Not saying there won’t be passion, just less of it, you need just a pinch of ornery in my opinion.  It will be an interesting juxtaposition.



Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, and Johnny Cash.  I got to hang with these cool cats back in the 80s.  One thing we all shared was a Real Texas Swagger.