Given the dearth of real racing and my incessant verbosity I’ll wax on a few other Monday morning musings.

Progress continues on the new digs.    Linda and I have been doing hardscaping and landscaping for the last many months.  Hauling granite, river rock, sundry wildflowers and shrubs and trees (7 Colorado Spruce, 10 Norwegian Spruce).  Pad poured for16’x12′ Tuff Shed being delivered this morning.  5 tons of horse pasture topsoil loaded and delivered.  Like the Wahoo Weiner, the Bar None shall rise again!

The incredible shrinking house.  The enormity of bare bones being reduced with insulation and drywall.  What was open and loud and echoing now muffled and quiet and comfortable.  Cabinets (Oberle Custom Cabinets) and appliances (NFM, GE Café Collection), fixtures (Briggs), tile and trim and flooring up next.

Its been a hot summer so far.  Our 94 square feet of living space still doing the trick.  Our landing place lacks the requisite 30 amp outlet to run our A/C so we’ve been toughing it out.  Open windows beseeching breezes, small fan, refrigerated rice bags (thank you Mandy Sue!) lulling us to sleep at night.

The open road beckons, not quite ready to hitch up and haul, but just a couple more days.  I’ll keep you posted.