The other voice.  It is mostly Linda and she is usually calling me to task, holding my feet to the fire, pincers on my tongue, Editor-In-Chief.   “No, no, no!”  You can’t write that you’ll piss (insert here) off!  I listen to her a lot.  I change some of my more pointed word constructs.  Some I don’t.

She doesn’t want me railing and honestly I’d rather be all rosy too.  But I’m the one that can’t sit idly by.  The one that has the strongest opinions, has the most invested.  Tengo huevos mas grande de todos!

Yesterday I presented a survey of Midwest marathons.  Provided hard data illustrating the significant difference in participation between the events, especially vis-à-vis Omaha.   But it goes much deeper than lack of support for elite level runners.

That ‘ol devil, facebook.  Revealing.  Chris McBratney of Fremont posed a civil question to the ORC leadership regarding the lack of pacers, which were advertised,  for the 3:30 and 3:45 group.  Told by the RD that “we have to work with what we are given.”  Another indicated he should “STFU”.   None apologized for the inferior product.

When you think you’ve got a running community by the balls its easy to speak like that.

Its a culture folks.