Spoke to my dad this weekend.  88 years old, hale, hearty, still full of piss and vinegar.    Through all of this, he’s Still Bill.  I hope you get the intended nod to Bill Withers.  “Lean On Me.”  “Ain’t No Sunshine.”

A trip for groceries once every 4 weeks or so, take out from our favorite local restaurants once a week, trying to help keep them afloat.  Faces and hands covered, purel and wipes constant companions.

Spending much of our free time pondering.  Thinking about how fortunate we have been.  Appreciating our gift of health, our ability to pursue a healthy lifestyle.
The virus has utterly compromised this year of our lord, 2020.  Not just the athletic world.  Friends, the kind you hug tight-nope.  Summer Arts Festival- nope.  Farmer’s Market- nope.  Crowds-nope.  Family-mostly nope.  Vacation-nope.  A Brave New World.

I’m wrapping my brain around how this will change the sport of Road Racing, not just under the strict current guidelines, but forever.  This could be a game changer of historical proportions.

Setting my imagination to what the future holds for our sport.  It will be different.

So very thankful that my 62 years allowed 40 years of mano-a-mano.  Hand shakes before the gun, willingness to bleed out on the course, and more handshakes on the other side of the finish line.

How I’ll miss the Beauty, the Exquisite Suffering of head to head competition.  The only thing that allows you to dig deeper than ever before.  To run to your potential.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank every single athlete that ever pushed me to that point.  The Purity, the Truth, the Honesty, the Glimpse of my True Self.

Our sport has been moving towards the non-competitive, social aspect, for the last couple of decades.  This could be the final push.  Have you had your last Real Race?