No, no, this isn’t some Runners World article on how to run your fastest 10K on just 10 miles per week.

It is about simplification.  For simplicity’s sake.  Paring down.  Slowing down.   Cut the leash to cable.  Almost 300 channels and there was only the rare moment worth the time it takes to turn on the set.  Now down to the freebies.  ABC, CBS, NBC, KPTM (gotta love Becka’s Beat”).  Local news and weather, that’s about it.  Just like in the old days.  We’ve found that you get a whole lot more work done without that distraction.

Picking and washing farm fresh vegetables all day Friday.  While Colin Morrissey was winning the Cornfield 10K we were setting up our produce stand Saturday morning.  Ideally located at the gateway to West Shores, Curtis Acres, Mallard Landing, etc.  And thanks too to our friends that came out from West Omaha!

Set up our “traveling road show” at the Valley Farmer’s Market on Sunday.  Sold all morning and back to the Bar None to get some much needed weeding done before the showers set in.

The simple life.  The less we have the more we have.