You can’t swing a stick through the weekend anymore without banging a half dozen or more “races”.

While some of the Very Best of the Very Best (!) Nebraskans were in Boulder, the rest of us mere mortals had plenty of opportunities to get some locally.  And some of us did indeed!

Starting with big tips of the sombrero to the Valley YMCA for taking the helm of the Valley Forge Winter Series on Saturday.  This allowed Nebraska Run Guru Elite the chance to clean up on some cold hard cash, and some sweet prizes too.  Pete and Kyle and Amber and and Stacy and Linda (in that order) walked away with pockets fairly bursting with mad coin, swag, and door prizes.   Dig this:  The Hickman Voice News has pumped over $100,000 into the Animal Run over the last 30 years.

Ivan Marsh won his Empyrean Ales 5K Saturday morning at Camp Carol Joy Holling.   First beer is on Ivan!

The Chiller Challenge was yesterday afternoon.  It joined a packed novelty weekend.  Lake Manawa 10K, Friends of the Dog Pound 5K, Prozac Recovery 5K, Whistling in the Winds 5K, Fictional Fractured Fairy Tales 5K, Super Secret 5K, and Imitation Sincerest Flattery 5K offering fun, super cool peeps of all ages, abilities, and affiliations the chance to play, perchance pretend, and enjoy the weekend.

Its come to this.

But the Big Show, the only Real USATF business of the weekend was in Boulder.  How about 50 year old Colleen DeReuck taking the Overall Masters title!  And Chris Derrick three peating in the Mens Open Race.  http://www.usatf.org/News/Derrick,-Thweatt-Take-Home-Titles-at-USATF-Cross-C.aspx

Local results from Boulder:

USATF Cross Country National Championships results
Boulder, CO  **4 required to score in the team competition**
Men’s 12K,  (96 finishers)

Team Nebraska
52. Cory Logsdon 41:07
79. York Thomas 44:17
86. Justin R. Mollak 45:40

USATF Masters Cross Country National Championships 8K,  (196 finishers)

LRC Racing
5th Team Overall 40+
13. Ivan Ivanov 28:09
26. Thomas Woods IV 29:14
58. Tim Larsen 30:57
82. Jason Schmaderer 32:14
94. Darin Schlake 32:38

LRC Racing, 50+
74. Brian Kelley 31:47
96. Jeff Hansen 32:42
124. Craig Christians 34:30
125. Kevin Burke 34:35
145. Kerry McDermott 35:53