There’s a new buzz buzzing.  A couple of our Nebraska running clubs have set up a challenge for our Valentine’s Day  5K on February 8th.  This won’t be any friendly competition though.  The stakes are quite high actually.  The winner gets to keep their club and the loser gets absorbed.  Hmmmm…

It will be a Battle Royale!  Each club will bring their braggadocias best!  Finally the race we’ve all been waiting for!

The West End Closet Runner and Walkers League (WECRAWL) have been challenged by recent upstarts the South Hamptons Area Running Team (SHART).  Both have raided their hefty West O is the Best O club funds to outfit athletes in the VaporFlyNext% in hopes of reigning supreme.

WECRAWL club spokesman Dick Fails had this to say “SHART SHART SMELLS LIKE FART.”

Brazosport, Texas transplants and twin sisters, Yura and Ima Hogg are SHART founders.  Yura owns a PHD in Sports Management from Case Western University, sister Ima her MBA from Rice University.  Yura indicated “Its a New Day in Nebraska athletics and we are happy to be at the fore of this movement.”  Ima quipped “Nanny Nanny Boo Boo, We’re Rubber and You’re Glue!”

If you’d like to see this donnybrook there is still time to register for our umpteenth Two Rivers Valentine’s Day Runs! Register Now!

Not for the last time, GIDDYUP!