Having supper with a medical professional last night.   His bag is to bring comfort and save lives.  Noble and I admire the hell out of that profession, even if I couldn’t bring myself to that table, too squeamish.

Discussions turned to what’s really important in life.  A Life Well Lived was our final deduction.  Well Lived as described by the the host, the only Real Judge of our daily efforts, ourselves.  A Life Well Lived.  What more can you aspire to?  And again, it is YOU that makes the final determination.  Not the crazy lady, not the angry man, not the insecure or weak, not the strong, not the politicos, not the confused, not your family, not your friends.  You.

This then has been my guiding light, to Do Well and Live Well.  I’ve succeeded beyond my wildest dreams and failed even bigger.  Human after all.  Had powerful shadows (the dark side) infiltrate my work, worm their way into my community, my daily efforts and psyche.   Didn’t handle it so very well but still I survived all that.  Because Right makes Might.  And so, on I go.  If you pursue righteousness, even in failure, that elevates not only you, but the entire kindred of man.

I’ve studied the human condition as an imperfect researcher.  Seeking Truth.  My eyes most often turning inward when contemplating what I deem troubling, recognizing that all of our parts, bit as they may be, contribute to life as we know it.  I own that.  And it makes me a more complete person.

That road goes both ways though.  When I see what is good I hope to have had some small part in it.  Hoping my contribution, with all its imperfections, end up with plus signs instead of minus.

I used to swear by the statement that if I had to live life over I’d change not a single thing.  Maybe I’ve finally grown up.  There’s a lot of things I will do differently next time around.

Peace, Love, Reincarnation.