My dear departed mother had dozens of colloquilaisms.  None except one fit to print in a public forum.  “I hope you have one just like you!”  I ended up with 3 just like me.  Each one of my “kids” has traits from both parents, both desireable and not so much so.  But they are their own people too, thank goodness, there’s hope for them after all.

For all you professing to have “super families” I call bullocks.  It ain’t the real world, only a temporary phase if you are even telling us the truth.  Your kids will eventually pitch you fits.  They’ll spread their wings.  They’ll challenge you.  They’ll make the wrong choice to spite you.  They’ll argue.  They’ll say they hate you.  But they’ll really love you.

I’ve seen what coddling and indulging every whine and whim can do.  That, decidedly and early on, was not my parenting style, should have heeded that red flag 20 years ago.  And by Buddha, both parents better be on the same page on such a critical metric.  I fought that battle, the winner won’t be revealed until my kids are well into adulthood.  Will they choose to be self sufficient, capable citizens?  Or will they go through life feeling entitled to the satisfaction of every little desire and react accordingly when not immediately filled.  I’ve seen and dealt with it.  With my own kids and with my “running family”.    So my wish for you then is to have at least one that reminds you of you.  Good luck with that.

No doom and gloom today though, don’t take it wrong.  Humanity with all its fails and foibles is worth every beautiful moment, every glorious step.  And I do see well adjusted, well behaved, respectful young adults these days, just not many, not many.  You know who you are and I appreciate you.


Peer review.  Creigh Kelley, Tracy Sundlun, Brant Kotch, and Bill Roe.  Creigh is one of the most recognizeable voices in our sport, calling dozens of major races a year.  Bill’s creds I’ve well documented.  Brant as Director of the Houston Marathon.  Bill & Creigh presented Brant and Tracy & Katherine Switzer for introduction into the Running USA Hall of Champions in New Orleans yesterday.  Creigh, Brant, Bill & I have a long and memorable involvement.  Tracy is the founder of the Rock N Roll Marathon series.  And if you don’t know who Katherine is you need to learn before calling yourself a Real Runner.  Congratulations to my friends on this fine and well deserved accolade.


Ah, the good old days.  I didn’t like getting my butt whooped but deserved and learned from it no doubt.  No such lessons for so many of the pampered set these days, it will come back to play in unexpected ways.  Count on it.