I’ve heard from a dozen and more of you with congratulations to Pete and our club, and strangely enough a few for me as well.  I’ve replied to all that this was Pete’s doing.  I tried to give you gentle readers some hints leading into Badwater that he was on the cusp, the verge, of greatness.  Detailed his nearly  1000 miles of training over a 5 week period.  Told of his drive and commitment.  The long runs in sweats, the  full weekends spent running.  Kyle’s interview illuminating that planning for the race began the day after Badwater 2014.

Pete knew the race was His To Win.  Through  preparation.  And execution.  Kyle knew it.  I knew it.  I think maybe Kaci Licktieg figured it as well.

In It To  Win It.  From day one.  This funky dude with lanky form, shorty shorts, and unquestionable heart.  Don’t you doubt for a single moment he was In It To  Win It.

Pete was also the first Nebraskan at the Lincoln Marathon, remember how he took it out in the heat that morning and never looked back?

And all the while all the Fast People sit back and say “Yeah, but only because.”  Because what?  Because he had the balls, that’s what.

Pete came to Nebraska Run Guru Elite shortly after the club came about, along with his old buddy Kyle.  With a huge chip on his shoulder, having been turned down for membership in one of the other local USATF clubs, not talented enough (wrong pedigree?), ready to kick some ass.  Which he has done this year.  Last laugh is best.

Sam & Jackson concluded their final workout yesterday prior to the National Champs in Va. Beach.  3 X 200 @ lifetime best.  9 year old Jackson @ :33.88, :33.71, :33.15.  13 year old Sam @ 29.65, 28.33, 27.9.   When we started this cycle I convinced Sam he could close the final 200 of the 3000 in :37.  We have worked that down to :31-:32.  And a podium finish.

And finally, I got a good ass whupping this  morning.  Met my marathon client for a loop around  the old dojo (Great to see you Dr. Tom!).  Spent the first 6 miles dispensing wisdom and the last 1.5 miles doing everything I could to keep up with her, failing miserably.  Yes, she’s coming along just as planned.

All in all, a Great Week to be the Run Guru.