Caught the classic Boogie Nights a couple of evenings ago.

Our mate Pete Kostelnick will be tearing up Psycho Wyco this weekend, get some buddy!  A little tune up for the main event that will happen later this year.  Damned happy and proud that he has been accepted into Badwater again!

Pretty amazed how long and far (and fast!) this cat is able to keep his mind in The Game.

In appreciation and because I need to, I will be “performing” a 6 hour run this spring.  I’ll do it my way.  No back slaps, no woots, no awesome sauce, no entry fees, no t shirt to commemorate, no medal to boastfully bling, no bleating or braying, no support outside of a couple of the cognoscenti to witness and that will be the end of it.

It will be the longest I’ve ever run, satisfying my annual charge of doing something wonderful and remarkable, if not just a little bit crazy.

In the meantime, Pete, You The Man!