Whistler’s Gap.  Five more days until I get my crown in.  If you saw last night’s FOX News you might have caught that I’m toothless where #37 is supposed to reside.  Didn’t keep me from having my say, whistling and edited as it was.  And I always have my say.  We are off to a great start with the donations coming in.  We have the full support of Tom Whitaker and the Omaha Running Club.  Tom calls this the “best idea in years.”  I also want to thank Peak Performance for their support, the Omaha Police Department, and every one of you that cares about safety, security, and the right to enjoy our leisure spaces free from worry.

Dupe me a favor.  All the cards are now on the table, I called everyone’s hands yesterday.  And while Tim and Kelly will undoubtedly give a different spin it was a Hostile Takeover after all.  Based on the grounds that I couldn’t get along with maybe even a dozen people.  People that insisted, and will always insist, that I was “divisive” and “bad for the running community”.  Jesus Christo, how they like to drive that one.  And Tim & Kelly bought it because they don’t have the same vision or leadership style as I do.  Rather preferring and insisting that Team Nebraska should share some circle of love with all the varied groups.  Especially groups that have their own personal agendas with me.  That know I could care less about their opinions and that my declaring them irrelevant was just too harsh a charge for them to swallow.  I guess we’ll see how things works out with the new paradigm.  For the sake of those athletes that I care so deeply about, that is one thing that won’t change, and they know it.

And if these few or dozen or more are all that I pissed off over the last 12 years maybe that’s the biggest surprise of all.  In the end it mattered not a whit to Nancy Sutton Moss, and hers is the only opinion that really matters to me.

After awhile the same grievances by the same group lose their credibility and are reduced to the farcical.

Here is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the last couple of decades.  Document Everything.

But like Br’er Rabbit in his briar patch, I’m as free as can be.  And have maintained my and your most important right.  A right that was constantly challenged through this entire process.  

Free Speech.  

That is far more important to me than getting along with every swizzle stick in the drink.

And sometimes, it’s true, the truth can’t be handled.  But I’ve made my reputation and will always hang my hat on calling them as I see them.  No talking out of both sides of my mouth or presenting multiple faces.  I’m happy with mine, toothless right now as it may be.   I don’t need to get along with everyone, don’t want to get along with everyone, won’t ever get along with everyone.

And I don’t need anyone hoping I find a better place, find their definition of peace, that is their way of saying how sad my situation is and that is nothing but a bunch of bull.  That is from this horse’s mouth.

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Funny, I don’t feel sad and without peace.  I’m as happy as a clam at high tide in fact.  I’ve got the love of the people that matter most to me.  My dearest sweetest daughters Katie and Alli.  Linda too.  And my free speech.  Check out my 1983 Galveston Marathon t-shirt that Alli digs.  I’ve been in this sport longer than most of you have been alive.  Respect your elders!