I wasn’t torn at all.  It never occurred otherwise.

The first 90 minutes of the Husker game broadcast out of the back of our jeep.  No, not tailgating, rather selling at Village Pointe Farmer’s Market.  Didn’t miss a play and when we were loaded and ready to roll, my reward only a dead battery.  Quick jump and back to the Bar None for most of the second half.

Anxiety.  Hope.  Disappointment.  My team lost.

What’s the deal?  I graduated from Northern Illinois University,  class of 1992.  The final 40 hours of 153 earned toward my BS in Community Health Promotion.   The first 100+ matriculated at Lamar University  in Beaumont,  TX.  Now had Pecker Tech been the David to slay Goliath that might have been another story.  But losing to NIU brought me no joy, no priapism as suggested.

Loyalty does go deep for me.  I’m fiercely loyal to USATF.  Nationally, regionally, and locally, mostly in that order but sometimes with shifting focus.

I’m loyal to NRGE, Inc.  I’m loyal to Team Nebraska.  I’m loyal to LRC Racing.  I’m loyal to Women Run Nebraska.

I’m loyal to my program and athletes, much more than any kit.

And I’m critical.  As author and architect I weigh in with direct, sometimes cutting assessment.  I’m not afraid to say what others are thinking.   Sometimes gets me in hot water, always gets the message out.

Ought not take it out on my mates though.

See, that is what this is all about.  Why my mates are the only unfunded, if most talented, club in Nebraska.

This has been the most successful recruiting class of my career.  Each athlete has been informed upfront that we are unsponsored.  That the other clubs will enjoy a financial advantage.  That they will be Blue Collars until Linda and I come up with support for them- And we will.

Thanks to El Jefe for sending me the link for complete results at Woody Greeno.
Greeno full results  LRC Racing the only club represented according to the results.  Peter Falcon and Matt Pohren listed as unattached but I don’t think they’ve jumped the Red & White just yet.   Katie Wetzstein of Wisconson, via South Dakota, now LRC Racing taking the measure of the full women’s field.

I was recently challenged on why NRGE, Inc. was accepting athletes from Iowa.   I freely volunteered the mechanism by which athletes from out of state can legitimately  be added to our Nebraska  clubs.

Didn’t go over well at all when I introduced, now protocol.  Glad to see the other clubs taking advantage of the rules and advocating for talented athletes no matter where they  are from.

USATF.  My Loyalty.