Better good than lucky.  But there seems to be a bit of science behind thirteen.  It is a common thread in Killer Coach’s workouts.  We did that number of repeats while training up for Club Cross and those mates currently under Glen’s tutelage are hitting it again.

PRIMER:  Intervals are not the actual speed part of the workout, rather the recovery portion.  If you go to the track and only do “intervals”, you’re just recovering the whole time.  Semantics I know but important to speak intelligently if you are in the game.

The science behind 13 then is not so much the effort or distance of the speed but the scant recovery interval.  If I told you Megan Zavorka (Z-Money) did 13 X 1/4, you might be impressed.  If I told you she did them in :77 you should be impressed.  If I told you she had a :60 interval, you have to be impressed.  By the way 13 X 1/4 = just over a 5K, I see where this is going for someone trying to reach national class status as a steeplechaser.

Kelly Crawford has been driving to Lincoln to assist David Adams and Andrew Jacob, both whom are training under Killer.  Kelly is timing and encouraging their workouts and we appreciate his driving to Lincoln to support the mates.  While promising not to divulge the training program in toto (my Latin for the day), I can offer glimpses of what the mates are enduring in their quest for personal excellence; more like what sets them apart from us merely mortals.

As an Alum (and holder of 2 indoor school records) David has access to the best indoor track in Nebraska.  He is fortunate to be able to continue his high level training without wind, ice, or other detrimental elements. Andrew is dedicated enough to join David and act as something of a rabbit (that is one tall rabbit to pull out of a hat).  Both athletes ran 13 X 300 meters with a :60 interval.  David hit :44s, Andrew :47s.  To put those times in perspective head out to your local track and run a single 300 meters full out.  Your jaw will drop.

And you can’t imagine the work Luka Thor is doing prepping for the Lincoln Half Marathon.  He’s in it to win it and I’m just hoping some Kenyans show up to help pace him to the sub 1:06 he’s capable of.  Or if you’re willing to assist with pacing duties shoot me an email, we’re looking for someone to take him through the first 10K in < 31:15.

Justin Mollak too is doing incredible things under the McLatchie Method.  To borrow a former column title, he is “Hardworking, ambitious, willing to lay it on the line” (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery boys).  Justin and fellow mate Tim Langdon made their marathon debuts in Lincoln last year both crossing the line in 2:45:09.  Tim will be a pacer this year, Justin has bigger things on his horizon.  He has continued to progress including his 1:14:36 on the difficult Omaha Half Marathon course last September.  A snapshot of his training lets you know how tough this hombre really is (note there are no intervals in this workout):
Workout was like this:
1 @ 5k
2 @ 10k +:30
2 @ 10k
3 @ 10k +:30

Miles : 5:17, 6:03, 6:04, 5:33, 5:33, 5:59, 6:01, 5:51

Yes, yes, these athletes are quiet and humble and gracious and you’ll not hear them blow their own horn.  I’m quite capable of doing that for the entire club.  They don’t get, or need, a daily congratulatory from me, no “amazings”, no “incredibles”, no “great jobs” nothing of the sort.  I expect this hard work and nothing less.  But they do deserve an occasional mention here in RGS for getting out there and working their butts off every single day.  And it is important that you know how dedicated and talented they are.  They still pull their britches on one leg at a time but something very special sets them apart from you and me.   Team Nebraska, USATF Elite Development Club and I’m darned proud of every single mate.  From David to Justin to Matt to Megan to Agustin to Luka to Shane to Stacy to Carole to Jacque to Linda to Shawn to me (horrors!) and every other Good Mate that dons the Red & White and gives it their very best.  Today is your day to be recognized for your efforts.