Doing some gozintas as our year winds down.

A lot of positive additions to the Nebraska running community.  And a few minuses.

The explosion in runs and races has been a boon to paying customers.  A plus in that there were plenty of opportunities to get out and Race, and some of you actually did.  Or opportunities to get out and get your non competitive fitness and fun on.  And many, many more of you actually did that.

A welcome minus was the lack of novelty runs in the equation.  I may have had my head in the sand (or elsewhere) but I don’t recall much action on the mud run/color run/rad run/glow run/moustache run/underwear run/warrior dash/penguin mash scene.  The early arguments these events get people involved in our sport is crap.  Just a chance for non runners to pretend for a single day, disappearing until the ugly sweater run.  How far is this marathon?

The number of USATF Certified courses in Nebraska makes all my early battles worth it.

The number of USATF Clubs in Nebraska makes all my early battles worth it.

The number of Nebraska USATF LDR memberships makes all my early battles worth it.

One of the highest highs of the year for me was tackling Pike’s Peak.

Another mountain I’ve conquered is the honest and genuine conversations I’ve had with Gary Dougherty.  We were both proud men a decade ago, unwittingly pitted against each other for nefarious design, hindsight unmasking all.

Sixty Six percent.  Me.  Linda.  Jordan Tucker.  Matt Pohren.  Four of the six former Nebraska Assoc. LDR Chairs.  Jordo met with us yesterday, meeting Matty P today.  Lots of things to discuss and only some of it has to do with the last two years.  More of it to do with the future.  To my little buddy that insists no one cares, you son, need to expand your circle.

Six Fives.  This was our sixth week in a row of hitting 5 days a week running.  Consistency coming before all else.  Fitness along the way.

Going to end the year with just over 1500 miles.  This and last the two lowest years of my career.  But still over 80,000 lifetime.  Not done yet.



Twelve.  That’s what we got.  Bring your armies out in May.