Base work.  So necessary and sometimes a little mundane.  Yesterday’s declaration of 2/7/16 as launch point doesn’t mean there’s nothing but fingers a twiddling.  With all the different athletes, individual talents and goals, all frothing and stamping, anticipation palpable.

That’s what they pay me for.  To  ride herd.  To keep these horses in the corral.  Working  without a rope.  Now 35 plus years of dust on my britches.  Been wicked bucked, thrown harder, seemingly career ending falls.  But I always get back up in the  saddle, quicker the better you know.    Looking out over the accumulating energy, beginning just now to channel more of it outside the gates.  A smidgen more of everything, pinches of strides, dashes of fartlek, tune ups, all leading to in just a moment.  Soothing words from the saddle the only thing holding sway.  Promises of fast tracks just beyond the next ridge.

And in every herd there’s that one that with tail up, snorting, blazing, deep, challenging eyes.

That’s a pretty good way to sum up our mate Pete Kostelnick.  Please join us in congratulating Pete on his receiving the 2015 Lincoln Track Club’s Achievement Award at last Sunday’s annual  fete.  Recognized for his other-worldly year that included the historic win at Badwater and unbelievable 24 hour performance in December.

There’s now two mavericks thusly awarded.  Welcome to the club Pete!