All rivalries have their seed.  Think Pizzeria Uno in Chicago.  When the original partners Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo split, Sewell opened Pizzeria Due a block down the street.  Two of the  most famous pizza houses in the  Windy City.

AWS Well Service in Mead had a split with co-founder Mr. Subbert.  He opening Subbert Well & Septic right  across  the road.

Woodhouse or Sid Dillon?  Chipotle or Qdoba?  White or Wheat?  Hashbrowns or  grits?

Each felt they had  something (or something better!) to offer the world.

Locally in the fall we have the Nebraska Marathon, the Heartland Marathon, and the Omaha  Marathon.  All within a few weeks of each other.  Competing for runners.

No one had seriously considered scheduling a Nebraska marathon in the spring until V7LM.  We surveyed the local marathoning scene and felt that we could offer a completely different  vision for 26.2 miles.  Something we believe to be better.  The last Saturday in April providing the most historically favorable weather conditions.  Nebraska’s only pancake flat, lightning fast, USATF Certified and  Sanctioned, completely closed road course.  Providing runners of all abilities to run to their potential.  A young and energetic race committee.  The small town of Valley.  All coming together to support our vision of the perfect marathon.

USATF Regional Course Certifier Gary Meyer and V7LM Race Director Tristan Nelson took a huge step towards making that dream a reality this past weekend.  Rides finished, numbers checked out,  maps in progress.  We’ll have our USATF Certification shortly.

Our efforts to create the perfect marathon in Nebraska.  Valley 7 Lakes.  America’s Marathon.

Each step a Measured Response.