That’s about the only thing I was bringing into this morning’s workout.  30 X 1/4 with :30 recovery.  Put the fear of the unknown aside, forget any frailties or twinges or imagined weaknesses.  Show up, warm up, get started, work patiently, see through to completion.

Never a doubt.

The most quarter mile repeats I’ve ever done, increasing by 10 from last weeks 20.  It goes up to 40 next week.

Bring em on.

I mentioned many weeks ago that looking at this program up front was daunting, but that I had faith in Killer Coach and knew I would be worked steadily and effectively towards each week’s  load.  And again, I have this added motivation of completing the seemingly impossible, at age 54, to inspire and motivate our mates to dream beyond supposed mortal limitations.  And not just Team Nebraska, but also our Omaha Endurance Group and my friends on the Omaha Running Club.

We are all capable of more than we give ourselves credit for.  If the desire is there, a willing heart and a willing mind, there are no limits to what we can achieve.  Don’t let anyone else dictate your dreams, don’t let the man bring you down, don’t lean on the crutches of mediocrity, set your own goals and go after them with everything you’ve got.  (A great lesson for all aspects of our lives).  Even if you fail you will never regret giving it your all.  We all have those secret aspirations, regardless of our latent ability.  Pursue those most private ambitions with all your gusto, that is what provides the real spark of living as an athlete.

With that in mind, come join the Omaha Endurance Group tonight as we kick off our 5th season of free coaching at Millard West, 6:00 pm start.  Unfortunately Coach Linda and myself and several others will not be in attendance due to the scheduled USATF Officials Training Clinic tonight.  But Honorary Coach John Tully will be there barking out instructions and keeping you hard to the task.  Please bring your gusto, give John your best, enjoy the camaraderie, and hopefully we’ll catch you at the Upstream Brewery for a quick one after the clinic.