The big news locally is the $1Million lottery ticket sold at the Casey’s in Valley.  While the winner has yet to come forward it is impossible to hide such big news in such a small town.  The elderly widow will step forward soon and reveal, glad it will go to someone that needs and can use it.  I’m hoping she ran as a child and is looking to donate to the Freedom Run prize purse.

Had triple business in Valley yesterday.  Took the Rocket to Dave’s Repair first thing in the morning.  Looking forward to getting it back on the road after a 5 year hiatus.  Early suggestions are that the car is in fine shape and will be ready for the fall Homecoming parades.

At mid day I was back in Valley working with my two youngest charges, Sam & Jackson.  Both are prepping for the AAU Regional meet in Minnesota at the end of this month.  You may see them perform their specialties tomorrow night at Brian Wandzilak’s All Comers Meet at Lincoln North Star.  While most recognize me as a hard ass coach, I’m using age appropriate methods with the boys, ages 9 & 12.  While still demanding Honesty and Excellence.  One thing different between coaching kids and adults is the Fun Quotient.  Sam hopped in the annual  Springfield 5K last weekend and finished 2nd overall, in a respectable 20:0x, while wearing a full spiderman costume.  That was fun.  Tomorrow night is All Work.

And then back to Valley in the afternoon for the Freedom Run committee meeting.  Race Director Blaine Schmidt, YMCA Executive Director Judy Argintean, the volunteers and staff, and Linda and I (Elite Athlete Coordinator) are all working hard to bring the best possible racing experience to you.  For the fleetest, our prize purse has increased to $1000 and I’m still working hard to add to that.  American only prize money.  I insist.

Reverberations still being felt over the recent “Big Red Challenge” 10K.  That event was also offering prize money, and a lot of it.  Apparently the novelty obstacle event didn’t prescribe “RULES” for grabbing the prize money.  I would suggest for next year that they describe that participants MUST challenge the obstacles in order to be eligible for the prize money.  Apparently it was  optional this year.  And $1000 for first place is an enticement that can potentially sway a person’s better sense  of fair play.  From the event’s website:  “Several 10K runners did not complete the entire course.  The race organizers decided to time the runners ‘as finished’ ,thus the ‘fast times’.”

Had my buddy’s drone flying high over the Cornfield 10K this past Saturday.    Streaming a live feed to my Bar None Produce stand.  Did I really see the lead bike go off course?  Yes I did.

Minimum standards.  Remember how I used to beat you over the head with that?  Some of you got it and some would rather choke on it.

I’ve come to realize if not completely understand or embrace something.  You, the paying customers will decide what you will pony up your entry fee dollars for.  And that, is that.