My first column under this banner appeared March 4, 2011.  Today marks the 1088th column during that span.   Between 2005-2011 I crafted at least 1200 columns under the Team Nebraska banner.   Trying always to adhere to a  500 word limit.

So on the light side I’ve crafted over 1 million words for your perusal, consumption, acceptance and/or rejection.  Ten years of “stimulating the running community to a more competitive culture.”  Have I succeeded?  Take a look around and the answer is a resounding Yes!  And I’ve still got plenty to say, as always.

But I’m feeling the need to slow down a bit, at least for now, maybe its the spring busy season at the Bar None.  Maybe I’m just in a little bit of a funk, not surprising after what I went through last week.  At any rate, re-evaluating everything.  Looking at what I’ve created in Nebraska, the more it grows, with just a few exceptions, the more it takes on its own life, the less it resembles my original vision.  It’ll be what it’ll be, with or without any of us.  Or will it?

How much more do I feel compelled to contribute?  And why?  When do I step completely away? When will I have had enough?  When do the personal costs finally outweigh the common good?  Those are questions I’ll be asking myself as the days grow longer and my toils are by necessity focused more on Our Little Slice.

Last week I was asked how many hours a week I spend working as Nebraska Run Guru Events, LLC.  When I answered under oath, there was much chuckling and guffawing, shocking those present that I would dedicate so much time and effort, year round, for so little return.  “But its my passion and joy and I am my own boss” not buying me any sway, no, not with them.

But this much is still sure:  Nebraska Run Guru Elite, our athletes and programs, as long as desired, will still have my full attention.  And words.