Where to start on this cloudy, lazy Monday morning?

I’ll kick it off by reporting that one of my favorite studettes, Stacy Shaw, was the winner at Jim Craig’s Raging Bull Half Marathon Trail Run.  The race was at rugged Platte River State Park and Stacy turned in a fine 1:49 for the title (I know she won the overall female, can’t find results, wouldn’t be surprised if she was the overall overall).

Aww, so nice and so sweet and so humble and so cute, she’ll kick your butt when the gun goes off and then charm your socks right off after she breaks the tape.  Stacy fits the exact mold that I created when founding Team Nebraska.  Glad she is one of mine.

Cranked out a 12 miler yesterday afternoon.  38 miles for the week and an inkling that I’ll be just fine on Cinco de Mayo.

Thanks to John Tully for pointing me towards three of his other favorite running blogs, nice to see that I’m not the only irreverent scribe to cover our sport:

My favorite thought so far from the Boring Runner, “Would you run 100 miles even if nobody in the world ever knew u did it?”

Interesting postulation.  If you’d run 100 miles for yourself, for your own sense of accomplishment and reward.   Or would you need the social petting and accolades to get you through it?  To even attempt it?

I know my answer.  What’s yours?