Had a great conversation with a favorite former Good Mate last night.  Matt Pohren has been a friend first, last, and always.  He embodied much of what the original Team Nebraska Brooks stood for.  He’s still involved in our sport and I’m honored that he still seeks occasional counsel.  Some very big things coming from Matty P, very, very big.

Our conversation turned to Greensboro, NC and  the AAU National Championships.  I  was giddy(up!) describing our getting young Madison Scott ready for  this morning’s 8 & under 800 Meters and tomorrow’s 1500.  Matt’s honesty has always been a trait I admire.  The topic turned to whether or not 7 is too young for training and racing at a national level.  I insisted that as long as kid gloves are worn by the right coach, it is not.   The coach must be more concerned with lifetime incremental development than scoring points.  That includes age appropriate workouts and mileage, multi-sport participation, off seasons, and keeping running fun.  I call it the “Runde Model.”   And as an aside, unless you are Peter Coe or Glenn van der Westhuizen, not coaching your own child.  Blurs too many lines.

Madison’s last workout before heading east was a 1500 meter time trial.  Sam & Jack  Runde joined in.  The DC West XC team warmed up with us.  Great modeling also a part of coaching.  LRC Racing stud Nolan Zimmer is an assistant coach for the Falcons, as is Fremont icon Ty Hansen.  Thanks to them for the support.  The question of the day came from senior runner Matthew, from mouths of babes.  “Hey Coach, is Will your Coach?”  I quickly interjected “No, but I wish I was coaching Nolan and half of his LRC Mates.”  —-*LRC’s other top runner Johnny Rutford currently has a Real Coach, Tom Schwartz (Tinman). —-

Our Valley Days 1500 Meter Run is now fully USA Track & Field Certified (NE19009GM)  and Sanctioned.  Nebraska’s only Road Metric Mile.  Real Racing for Real Runners.

Jack and Sam and Linda  and Madison.  Sam ran a personal best in every single race he ran under our training.  The Runde Model.