Google analytics tells me readership is at an all time high.   I want to thank everyone that has checked this week’s musings.  Perfect opportunity to lay bare a little bit of soul, man.

Running is my life.  Think it, live it, breathe it.  Its not the only thing, just the one thing.  No  different than a carpenter, lawyer, dentist, businessman, homemaker, I’ve dedicated myself to my craft.

Athlete.  Administrator.  Advocate.  Coach.  Writer.  Self Styled Visionary.  Its the last one that brings the greatest challenges and greatest rewards.

When I  moved to Nebraska I saw a blank canvas.  Splashed programs here, events there as needed.  Others have taken up brushes and good on them, it is the end game for any guru after all.  Now a hundred canvases each with their own  strokes, folks.

But not once have  I considered walking away from my easel.  Not in 2009, not in 2012, not 2017, not now.   Still too much Good Work to be done.  My Greatest Work in fact.  A lofty ambition, I hope you aspire as much in your own works.

The motivation?  The same passion and energy for American Athletes that underlies my credentials of the last 40 years.  The fuel  that led to USATF Nebraska LDR, Team Nebraska, and indirectly LRC Racing.  My grunt work in Nebraska finished, time to return to my first and deepest commitment, American Athletes.

Valley Lakes Marathon.  America’s Marathon.