You’ve heard it before you’ll hear it again.  Strong opinions.  Here’s a couple:



Great quote by Robin Williams. Only through my emancipation and willingness to be self sufficient did I find happiness.  The fact that I’ve found Real Love along the way makes life ever so sweet.



Children are the circle and the wonder of life.  As a former stay at home parent I invested my being into three wonderful kids.  Did the best I could, you can’t ask for more than that.  I’m not, nor ever was for that matter, able to lavish them with gifts or money or other trappings of West Omaha.  I gave them my time, my love, my tears, my hopes and dreams for them.

Divorce changes everything and everybody.  For me it was a resignation and realization that ultimately I could be happier alone and poor than miserable and kept.  I’m blessed that my daughters have supported my life change.  Their love is unquestioned and never ending.

Change isn’t always so kind.